This morning, I was in a rush to leave home. In my haste, I forgot my mobile phone. I have a great phone, a Handspring Treo 270. It’s a combination phone and Palm. I am almost totally dependent on it, and today I feel almost naked without it.

This got me to thinking: what other modern conveniences are so essential that we feel naked without them? I always feel strange without my wallet, keys, or watch. I might not use a comb during the day, but I would feel very strange going out without a comb in my pocket. And for about 15 years, I carry a cloth handkerchief, and I definitely feel awkward without it.

Whenever I travel, I have an extensive list of all the things that I need to bring. About ten years ago, I was sick of arriving somewhere without something essential. Now that we have a baby, the list of gear we need has grown dramatically. We cannot leave the house without spare diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, a blanket, and I’m probably forgetting many other things. They’re all conveniently stored in a travel bag.

I guess it takes a lot more than a loincloth to cover our nakedness today.

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