Ah weblogs…

For my first entry, it is probably fitting that I write about weblogs. As you probably know, I am the webmaster for glockners.net. Recently, I uploaded a great PHP script called Gallery to host our photos. This is a great system. Then I thought it would be great to upload another script for publishing a weblog. Little problem: I could not find a blog script that didn’t SUCK! I tried several. The few that didn’t require MySQL were too complicated or too plain. You would think that every webmaster wants to have a simple blog. Oh well.

Blogger seems fine, but the problem for me is that relying on someone else’s system makes me uneasy. What if they go out of business? What if the hike their rates? Keeping in control is the whole reason I maintain our own website

I have better things to do with my time than write my own blog script. Attention web authors: I think there’s a demand for a better blog script.

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